We are proud to be partnered with Kefi Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a growing Technological company in one of the leading IT parks in India – Technopark Campus, Trivandrum, Kerala,India.

Solastra Global has a strategic partnership with Kefi Tech, a growing technology company in Technopark, for meeting the technology needs of our customers. Technopark is one of the largest IT parks in India. Kefi Tech provides technology support in the areas of Software development, System Integration and Migration services. Having created the system architecture for EHR system integration for a client in Canada, Kefi is familiar with healthcare domain.

With secure electronic healthcare data exchange continuing to be a challenge, the quality of patient care has nose-dived. A robust system that is cost-effective, secure, and capable of exchanging data is key. Building EMRs/EHRs using Open EMR and Open EHR will be a game changer. Kefi Tech and Solastra Global will build customized, user-friendly EMR applications cost-effectively for hospitals and small to medium sized medical offices to transform your patient experience.

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