Our school is committed to training human talent who aspire for a career in revenue cycle management. Our platform churns out medical coders and billers who understand the critical areas that generate revenue for hospitals and deliver accordingly. Our combined experience of more than 35 years in the healthcare RCM sector.

Solastra provides a suite of online and classroom learning packages for healthcare revenue cycle management.

  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • ICD-10 CM Coding [Diagnosis]
  • CPT Coding [Procedures/Surgeries]
  • HCPCS Coding [Supplies/ Drugs]
  • Medical Billing in Detail CMS-forms
  • Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, BCBS, Workers Compensation
  • Sample files for Coding and Billing (Job Oriented)
  • 5 Mock Exams
  • We provide specialized certification training for fresher’s as well as experienced coders to equip them with the relevant skill to code accurately for providers and payers, as well as build capability for career growth from AAPC and AHIMA
    • For AAPC (American Association of Professional Coders.
      • CPC
      • COC
      • CIC
    • And American Health Information Management (AHIMA)
      • CCA
      • CCS
  • We also provide specialty training for coders to demonstrate superior levels of expertise in their respective specialty disciplines

Certification Training – CPMA
Medical auditing is a critical piece to compliant and profitable physician practices. We provide certification training from AAPC in CPMA ( Certified Professional Medical Auditor) which covers-

  • Medical documentation, fraud, abuse, and penalties for documentation and coding violations based on governmental guidelines
  • Coding Concepts
  • Scope and Statistical Sampling Methodologies
  • Medical Record Auditing Skills and Abstraction Ability
  • Quality Assurance and Coding Risk Analysis
  • Communication of Results and Findings
  • The Medical Record

Certification Training


These certifications provide

  • Expertise in reviewing medical documentation for accuracy
  • The ability to identify and communicate documentation deficiencies to providers to improve documentation for accurate risk adjustment coding
  • A sound knowledge of medical coding guidelines and regulations, including compliance and reimbursement. This allows for a clear understanding of the impact of coding on payment models.
  • A thorough understanding of anatomy, pathophysiology, and medical terminology necessary to correctly code using CPT ® , ICD-10-CM, ICD- 10-PCS and HCPCS Level II coding systems.
Understanding the Revenue Cycle and accurate medical coding is vital for the financial health of a hospital and clinics. Our coders are intimately knowledgeable about the end-to end RCM Cycle and the critical role coding plays in reimbursement.

With a diverse team of certified coders, we provide medical coding services in diverse settings, be it outpatient, inpatient or ER coding. Coding Audits & Compliance.
We provide prospective as well as retrospective audit services. For retrospective audits, our team identifies the coding errors, trends the data and provides a report for educating the client team to prevent repetitive errors. As an extension of the provider team, we capture all coding errors to ensure a “clean” claim is generated, during prospective audits.
The Solastra Team supports providers to recoup unpaid claims by querying and communicating with insurance companies about the status of delayed or denied claims, understanding policy ambiguities of insurance companies and sharing clinical documentation requirements payer-wise with providers to expedite payment. We also follow-up with patients to discuss balances due and facilitate self-pay.
Our team comprises of not only transcriptionists but only English language specialists who work together to convert dictated reports from physicians into operative notes, discharge summaries, SOAP notes in the US, UK and Australia.