Revenue Cycle Management involves multiple voice and non-voice processes, from data entry to complex data crunching.  In layman’s term, Revenue cycle management activities drive the financial well-being of a hospital or physician practice.

The core activity that determines reimbursement is Medical Coding, which is the conversion of diagnosis and procedures from a Medical Record into alphanumeric codes. These codes are utilized to process claims with insurance companies. A Health system has Outpatient, Inpatient, Ambulatory and Emergency room services and rules for assigning medical codes varies with the health infrastructure; for example, a hospital, clinic or physician practice and their specialties.

Medical coding as a career has been in great demand for the last few years.  In spite of technology and automation, the role of a medical coder is still crucial as it requires attributes such as critical thinking and attention to detail. Solastra is on a mission to equip job aspirants with these critical capabilities to cater to growing demands of the digital healthcare sector.

We profile candidates to ensure their suitability and provide training for Medical Coding, Auditing, Medical Billing, Denials Management, Medical Transcription & Scribing and Clinical Documentation Improvement. Those who continue to pursue the certification after basic training stand a greater chance to get employed for a great career.  We also provide guidance on placements.