All of you have probably heard of the various ‘Stages’ of the deadly Corona virus pandemic. India is now going through Stage II, which is critical to containing the virus. So what exactly are these stages and how can we citizens contribute towards helping authorities arrest this pandemic from spreading like forest fire? A short and crisp description of the stages from Stage II onward are as under.
Stage II – Local Spread. Someone who we know has travelled from overseas transferring it to someone else who, again, we know.
Stage III – Someone comes in to a hospital randomly and found positive on testing. BUT we are unable to trace the contact point from where he contracted the virus! It is all over in the community and he/she acquired it. This is the Stage in which the pandemic HAS to be contained in order to stop it from entering Stage IV.
Stage IV – Very Very dangerous! – This is what happened in countries like China, Italy and Spain to name a few. A stage where a massive number of people, as in like 1000s or 10,000s, are infected at once. At this stage none of the existing medical infrastructure will be sufficient to even ‘Attend’ to all of those infected.
How can we stop this from entering Stage IV?
1. Completely stop social gatherings. No religious gatherings, celebrations, meet-ups or any crowd that is… or more simply, STAY AT HOME
2. This virus is not THAT strong. Yes, it can be washed away with just soap and water! Simple. So why can we not do that and chase it away? Wash your hands frequently. Keep at least 1M distance with people.
3. If you have any symptoms like cough, fever, cold, sneezing then you should NOT go outside and immediately seek medical attention.
Now that we have a 21-day Lockdown, going out is ruled out and hence hopeful that we can curb this deadly virus at Stage III itself! Of course with all of our contribution by staying home as law abiding citizens of India.
India led the world in eradicating two silent killers, Smallpox and Polio, and eliminating them from the country. This was achieved by targeted public interventions*
Let us all help the authorities in eradicating this deadly coronavirus pandemic which is not as deadly as Smallpox or Polio.
*As stated by Michael Ryan, Executive Director, WHO.
Stay Home – Stay Safe
Team Solastra